How to Build confidence after a yoga training?

So, you finished yoga teacher training but you still don’t feel confident about your teaching…

Here’s four top tips to build confidence:

  1. Forget your yogic tools, be prepared

Sure, yogic breathing can help reduce some anxiety but the greatest tool is to be prepared. Know your sequence by practicing it over and over and practice your cues. Be at peace with the choices you’ve made.  This can be in music, in asana/pose types, in philosophy, or in breath. Enjoy what you’ve come up with, you can always teach a different class tomorrow.

        2. Keep it in perspective

Be aware that one negative comment will have more impact than the many happy smiles and thanks you receive. Look at this realistically. The negative feedback is gold. You need to learn, its free feedback. Don’t let your self-value be affected by negative feedback. You, as a person, are way more than one yoga class you taught. Above all, you are courageous enough to try despite the inner voices and that is part of the yogic path

       3. Own your newby status

The way to build confidence is feeling the insecurities and doing it anyway. It’s uncomfortable. Let people know that you are a new teacher, and you’ll make mistakes. It can go a long way to create an atmosphere of compassion. Practice humility. It feels good and its apart of your personal practice in this field.

        4. Keep going

Keep going and growing. Take a training or find a mentor. I’m still taking trainings after 20 years of teaching. This is a great way to continue to improve and become more confident.

         One day you’ll be writing this blogpost. It’s just a matter of time, practice and attitude.

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