lucy st john yoga philosophy course

14 days to Happiness
~ A yogi’s guide

Learn from the ancient wisdom of the Yogi’s how to develop long-lasting happiness. 

Each day you’ll receive a 5 minute video or audio describing the mechanics of Bliss.

You’ll learn how its been done for ages through the various yoga philosophy texts such as The Bhagavad-Gita, The Puranas and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras to name a few.

Learn effortlessly to integrate the yogic teachings into your daily life and develop a more fulfilling and happy life.


What you will get

  • daily videos/worksheets & guidance
  • Vedic philosophy each day
  • simple 5 -10 min yogic practices
  • make a habit of feeling good
  • encouragement with daily reminders
  • a Facebook group page to connect with others
  • a final live zoom call with me to chat about sustainable practice and celebrate our success!
  • bonus recommendations
  • A journey that will transform your relationship with your self
  • transform your mindset and physical health


We start on TBA!


Refund Policy: You can rent or buy this program and there is a pay what you want option.  You will have access to the videos for 3 months plus you are gifted the workbook and audio files of the videos in your email. There are no refunds as we abide by the Vimeo OTT policies. Note the prices for rental and purchase (69.99 in USD)

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