3 Best Yoga teacher Insurance companies in Canada

As a yoga teacher, having insurance coverage is essential for protecting yourself, your students, and your business. This is the number one request I receive from yoga teachers. The options mentioned below have been updated as of August 2023.

Remember there are various levels of coverage, depending on whether you are offering in studio teaching, or public space teaching, and if you offer other services. Various types of yoga or complimentary practices likely require additional coverage such as yoga therapy, online training and acroyoga to name a few. You can consider the specifics of each policy, such as coverage limits, deductibles, and exclusions.

Some studios such as YYoga offer a discounted rate for their teachers so check in with your employer or studio to see if they have set up a discount with the insurance broker.

Here are three best options that I know:

Specialty Insurance Providers: Several insurance companies in Canada specialize in providing coverage specifically tailored for yoga teachers. These providers understand the unique risks associated with teaching yoga and offer policies that address these concerns. I have been with Lackner McLennan insurance for over ten years. It is now called: “I need a policy” with Brokerlink. They offer customizable insurance packages that include general liability coverage, professional liability coverage, and coverage for rented or owned yoga studios. Their policies are designed to safeguard yoga teachers’ interests and provide peace of mind.

Yoga Alliance Insurance: If you are a member of Yoga Alliance, you can receive a discounted rate. The Yoga Alliance, a reputable international organization, provides insurance coverage for yoga teachers through their partner program. This coverage is designed to meet the specific needs of yoga professionals and offers comprehensive protection against potential liabilities. It includes general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and product liability insurance. The Yoga Alliance insurance also covers virtual teaching and online classes, making it a suitable choice for those transitioning to digital platforms

I have not used them but you can check Zensurance for comparable rates in Canada. They have an online quote form with your email making it relatively easy to compare.

I hope this helps you to find the insurance that’s right for you and give you some idea of discounts and extra fees.

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