Mantra & Vedic Story

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Track Your Story through Mantra & Vedic Story

Develop Your Consciousness

  • Discover the Oral Tradition
  • Learn the polyvagal benefits of Mantra
  • Ignite knowledge through Stories

Discover the oral tradition of the Yogic path and awaken your archetypes and themes in daily life.

As a yoga teacher, you’ll be able to tell a good story, theme a class and develop a personal relationship with the deities in a non-religious, non-dogmatic context.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of philosophy or Vedic thought to take this course. If you do have some education in this field, you will learn what you cannot find in books or on Google.

Learn the fundamental building blocks of Vedanta, the development of consciousness.

This course includes a robust manual and recordings

Yoga Alliance Certified (YACEP)
Significant Deities include:

Shiva and Parvati

represent the divine union of the masculine and feminine on earth. You will come to appreciate the importance of union and duality.


is known as the Goddess of Justice. She is so much more and she will show you how to stand in integrity and Truth with Grace.

Kali Maa

is often the most misunderstood Goddess of Life, not Death. Her empowered Truth will inspire your path.

Maha Lakshmi

is the Goddess of Abundance, she shows us how to adorn our bodies and sacred space in this world.


is the most devoted friend of the Gods and Goddesses. From his childhood to his great part in the Ramayana, you will love this cheeky monkey!


the beloved elephant-headed God of Writers and Thieves. He removes and creates obstacles in our lives.


is known as the great Lover, the God of Bliss and Play. You will come to learn of his great contribution to the epic war and the true meaning of the Bhagavad-Gita often misunderstood.

Lalitha Devi

is another delightful form of Shakti. She is the Spiritual heat of awakening and presence.


November 15-17, 2024 at Heights Yoga & Wellness in Burnaby, Canada. Ask about online programs

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