Santosha & how do we develop contentment?

One of the 8 limbs of Yoga, the Niyamas are personal observances of our inner life. Of the five Niyamas, one often unexamined is Santosha. It means contentment.

Ah what a delightful idea, to feel content…

When you experience the infinite aspect of life ~ contentment naturally arises. Yes, the feeling of fulfillment is your ticket to contentment. How does Yoga – Unity -bring this daily contentment?

Yogic tools that increase my contentment are:

• spending time in silence, (even for a few minutes)

•filling up my lungs with breath and a long exhale

•becoming more aware of the beauty in front of me or becoming more present also increases this sense of contentment

•being okay with how things are without judgment and appreciating my life as it is draws me further into the infinite aspects of life

•taking my time

What draws out your contentment? What helps you connect with infinity?

meditation at sunset

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